Check out Episode 16 on Shark Week. It's a tiger shark invasion. Many moons ago  at 10 years old in the late sixties I came close to a 16 foot tiger shark off Keamuku on the island of Lanai, Hi.  My cousin and I were snorkeling while our uncle did some old school free diving with a homemade speargun. That day he speared two big uluas. As we were heading back to shore that's when we saw this huge tiger about 50 feet away. We nearly panic, but our uncle told us "no worries, he's ohana."  The tiger came closer to the floater our uncle was dragging with the two uluas on it, but the tiger just swam away. WTF? Our uncle said he sees the same tiger every day like clock work for many years. I don't know how true his stories were, but at that moment we believed every bit of it. I never encountered a shark that close let alone a tiger shark, but I do highly respect these sea creatures.

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