If you haven’t been to Halei’wa Joe’s, mark it on your list of restaurants. There are two Halei’wa Joe’s on the island of Oahu. We loved both locations. The one on the Eastside of the island (Kaneohe) is hidden in a residential area situated in a botanical like garden theme (Haiku Gardens). The other one is located right close to Halei’wa’s monumental bridge in downtown, which has spectacular view of sunsets. You can check out their website for more information (i.e. menu, photos, directions, etc.).  I’m not picky like my other half when it comes to DA FOOD!  They have great Pupus (appetizers) and dinner entries. Last time I was there with my ohana I started off with their (Pupus) Black & Blue Ahi sashimi and finished with Sweet Kalbi Ribs. Both were ono-licious (delicious). Either location is well worth the stop.   


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