Here we are eights months later and most of us are continuing to social distance and/or staying at home. If you are still looking for ways to spend your time at home, here's a list of creative ideas. 

  1. Write your best friend a postcard.

  2. Schedule a free Zoom meeting with your friends and family so you know when you’ll next “see” them.

  3. Have a movie marathon with action pack or romance. 

  4. Do crafts - string beads into a bracelet, try knitting or try painting. 

  5. Give yourself a mani/pedi.

  6. Create a playlist with happy songs, and sing along!

  7. Browse your cookbook or food blogs for an easy but healthy meal.

  8. Call a supportive friend or family member.

  9. Have a go at sudokus and crossword puzzles, watch TED talks or listen to captivating podcasts.

  10. Give your bedroom a mini makeover – especially if you spend much time in it! Hang new pictures on the wall, change up your pillow covers or display pretty items on a mirrored tray. 

  11. Reminisce by compiling a photo book of the special moments in your life.

  12. Turn a boring day in bed into a ‘slumber party for one’ - put on a movie, make some dark chocolate and sea salt popcorn and lean into the downtime.

  13. Build your own fantasy football team and join an online competition.

  14. Learn to play a ukulele and sing a new song.

  15. Bake something sweet yet nourishing.

  16. Keep a journal. It can be a safe way to express your feelings as well as boost your happiness by listing what you’re grateful for – despite your struggles – each day.

  17. Treat your body well - do some gentle stretching and nourish yourself with herbal teas or veggie juices.

  18. Watch an entire season of your favorite TV series - take advantage of the downtime.

  19. Create a physical mood board. Collect inspiring images, magazine clippings, motivational quotes or fabrics – anything that helps you visualize your dreams, decorating scheme or signature look.

  20. Sink into the tub for a long luxurious bath, with bubbles of course!

  21. Play Solitaire, solo chess or a smart game.

  22. Go for a slow walk around the block. Maybe you can pick up a magazine or flowers to boost your mood.

  23. Document your daily life with photographs. Even a dull day becomes fascinating when you’re trying to spot the beauty in everyday moments.

  24. Find something that makes you laugh: a YouTube-video, hilarious joke or a comedy show.

  25. Buy a coloring book for adults and get your crayons ready for some soothing creativity.

  26. Grow a small herb garden in your window box.

  27. Plan a fun event for when you're not needing to social distance – a mini road trip, a concert or a night out with friends.

  28. Disconnect from the world for a little while. Listen to relaxing music and just stare out the window.

  29. Avoid alcohol and other drugs. Alcohol is a depressant and may have a negative affect on your emotional state.

  30. Plan and cook a meal with friends through Skype or Google Meet.


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