Welcome (E komo mai)

Start your adventure by catching one of these Bad Tu-na Bone Tees at 25% off all t-shirts on our Memorial Day Sale! Sale ends 29 May 2018.

We have three  brands to choose from to help tell your story. Our original line, Bad Tuna, has Fishing, Diving and just some Bad Tuna fun T-shirts. Our HI-50 (Hawaii the 50th State) line has Surfing and Island T-shirts for local salters. And Local Wahine has Ladies Surfing and Island T-shirts. We also have decals available for your adventure vehicle (i.e. boat, car, truck, RV, etc.) Check them out on the Shop / Menu. 

So, take advantage of Memorial Day Sale and gear up for island lifestyle fishing, surfing and diving across the seas! You can also connect with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  


BadTuna Bob